Visit Tahoma’s Santa Fe Part II

Post by Vera Marie

Santa Fe Downtown map

*Santa Fe Downtown map

* The numbers on the map do not denote Tahoma stops. Click on the map to see WikiMaps list of Santa Fe attractions.

(See Stops One, Two and Three in the post directly beneath this one.)

Stop Four: The Oldest Church, Sisters of Loreto and St. Michael’s School

South along Washington Street (the east edge of the Plaza) your path will pass three Santa Fe attractions. First, the Sisters of Loretto Chapel with a mysterious staircase; then you come to the historic Chapel of San Miguel (which definitely was a landmark during Tahoma’s time); and next go down the nearby alley, East DeVargas,  past The Oldest House. Almost directly across the alley form The Oldest House stands the building where the Christian Brothers who ran St. Michael’s High School (later a University), had an infirmary. They allowed Tahoma to stay in the infirmary from time to time in exchange for doing some paintings for them. He worked on the top floor of the beautiful territorial style building.

St. Francis Cathedral, Santa Fe New Mexico

Stop Five: St. Francis Cathedral

Now return to Alameda Avenue and go east. You will come to Cathedral Place. Follow that roughly north and you will find St. Francis Cathedral, where Quincy Tahoma’s funeral was conducted in 1956.

TO BE CONTINUED. We will talk another day about the many places that Quincy Tahoma lived in Santa Fe and perhaps we will take a trip to the cemetery where he is buried.

The photo above comes from Flickr with a Creative Commons license. Click on the picture to see more by the same photographer.

Have you visited Santa Fe and The Plaza? Do you like to follow in the footsteps of a famous former resident when you visit a place?

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