5 More Places to Read About Tahoma

Post by Vera Marie

Charnell gets a headline. The word is getting out!


Smithfield Times article about Charnell's appearances

Smithfield Times article about Tahoma and Charnell's appearances

Charnell’s two appearances in Smithfield Virginia (Don’t miss her at Ham Town Books this weekend) got this sizeable newspaper article about Quincy Tahoma and his biography in the local paper. Here’s one small portion:

“Every once in a while we’d have a break through,” Havens said of the time they were able to track down the family who adopted Tahoma as a baby before 1920. “It was a big hole” ¬†in the story, Havens said.

If you don’t live in Virginia, and can’t get over to Ham Town Books this weekend, you can aim your mouse at these articles on the Internet to learn more about Tahoma’s world and our work.

  1. Road Trips for Families featured Vera’s guest post about a family road trip around and about Albuquerque, based on her many research trips to New Mexico while she was searching for clues to Quincy Tahoma’s life.
  2. The Writers’ Inner Journey invited Vera to talk about her approach to writing, and she revealed her deepest secrets. See why she was happy to have a good editor (Charnell) as she worked on Quincy Tahoma’s biography.
  3. Wandering Educators this week features Vera’s trip to Museum Hill in Santa Fe–a second home for Charnell and Vera during research on Quincy Tahoma: The Life and Legacy of a Navajo Artist.
  4. And Kerry Dexter, who previously published an interview at Gather about writing the biography of Navajo artist Quincy Tahoma, also decided to give a tip of the hat to a Navajo musician and to our book in this article on music for a spring road trip.
  5. The most popular stop on our blog tour for the Tahoma biography has been Reel Life With Jane, where Vera wrote about the way that Hollywood treats American Indians. Take a look and see what movies are recommended and which are definitely NOT. Hint: One of the good ones is about a Navajo beauty pageant.

See previous posts about our Blog Tour here, including a review and here, the beginning of the blog tour.



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12 Responses to 5 More Places to Read About Tahoma

  1. Jane Boursaw says:

    Thanks for the mention, Vera! Love seeing where you guys are traveling on the Web. And yay for Charnell’s headline!

  2. NoPotCoooking says:

    Wow – it looks like word is getting out and more people are hearing about Quincy and this great book!

  3. Alexandra says:

    I will check out these other recommendations, thanks. I already visited ReelLife, thanks to your link, and really enjoyed Smoke Signals.

  4. It’s amazing how the Internet can help us GO all sorts of places, isn’t it? Fantastic that you are getting the word out about this important Native American artist!

  5. Kerry Dexter says:

    thanks for the mention, Vera, and congratulations to Charnell on the story, too. good to see all the interest in the book.

  6. Kristen says:

    I’m glad to see that you’re getting the word out about your book. Can’t wait to hear more about your efforts.

  7. pen4hire says:

    Kerry: It is us who need to thank YOU for your nice mentions of the book. If it is getting known, it is due to the efforts of all those people who are helping spread the word!

  8. pen4hire says:

    Thank you all for commenting, and for checking out links and helping us spread the word–the Quincy Tahoma biography is HERE.

  9. You ladies are so creative in how you’ve promoted the book and brainstormed tie-ins to other so many other blogs. Kudos!

  10. I’ve loved exploring the artist and Native American themes from so many different angles. Great links!

  11. It was an absolute pleasure to have you on, Vera. Such a terrific interview!

  12. Wow. It’s great to know that the word on your book is getting out. I’ll check out the links you mentioned.

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