Quincy Tahoma Book Signing at the Heard Museum

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A View of the Heard Museum entrance from the Courtyard

I’m back in Virginia after a fantastic week of book signings and presentations with co-author Vera Marie Badertscher in her home state of Arizona.  Vera and I live so far apart geographically that getting together to tell folks about Quincy Tahoma: The Life and Legacy of a Navajo Artist is a rare treat indeed!  This is only the second time we’ve gotten together since the book was published.  (The first was in Santa Fe to kick off the 2011 Indian Market.)

Co-authors Charnell and Vera at the Heard Museum book signing

Our first stop was the Heard Museum  of Native Cultures and Art in Phoenix. The Heard is dedicated to educating the public about the heritage and living cultures and arts of Native peoples, with an emphasis on the peoples of the Southwest.  Since its founding by Dwight and Maie Bartlett Heard in 1929 – as a small museum in a small Southwestern town – the Heard has grown in size and stature to where now it is recognized internationally for the quality of its collections, its educational programming and its festivals.

1956 Navajo Scout, catalog # IAC1746, Courtesy of the Heard Museum

The Heard owns nineteen original paintings by Quincy Tahoma and, while they were not on display during our book signing, Vera and I were able to show visitors some images of them on a rotating slide show.  Two of the paintings, Old Timers and Riding for the Fun, are included in the book on pages 103 and 178, so we’re not showing them here.  But, to whet your appetite for seeing the remaining seventeen, we’re including two more paintings from the Heard collection —  a striking 1956 Navajo scout scene and a humorous 1950 painting of some cowpokes trying to lasso a buffalo.

1950 unnamed buffalo painting, catalog # IAC773, Courtesy of the Heard Museum

Did you miss meeting us on October 22?  Well, you’ve got another opportunity!  Come to Phoenix on January 30 for a Heard Museum Guild presentation and book signing, or on March 3 for the Heard Museum Fair.  Vera will be there for sure and, if at all possible, I’ll be there too. Where would you like us to go for a book signing near you?

Top photo by Charnell; Photo of the authors by Sam Lowe; other two from the Heard Museum. Please do not reuse without permission from the respective owners.


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  1. (Vera Here) We have also been invited to sign books at the bookstore of the Heard Museum on April 21. There will be Native artists, including at least one Navajo, displaying and demonstrating their arts.

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