A Gift for You on Quincy’s Birthday

Christmas Card

Christmas card, drawn and hand lettered by Quincy Tahoma, used courtesy of Jean Wallace McSwain

Quincy Tahoma celebrated his birthday on Christmas Day.

We don’t know if that was his real birthday, but he said it was. As Vera is fond of saying, his creativity extended to making up his own life.

We’d like to pay tribute to Quincy this year by giving YOU a present. (And we are not making this up.)

  • Every book ordered through this web page from now until December 31, 2011, will come with a 2012 poster calendar adorned with a reproduction of  the exciting painting that graces the cover of the book.
  • You can specify how you want the book signed–personalizing it for the person you are giving it to.
  • Not only that, but shipping is FREE. (This will change after the first of the year, when we start charging $2.50 shipping charge for each book mailed.)

Now is the time to order your Christmas/Quincy’s birthday presents for family and friends.  Just go to the “Buy Now” button on the right hand side of the Tahoma Blog page.

This is your chance to buy your copy of Quincy Tahoma: The Life and Legacy of  Navajo Artist, and enjoy the 260 illustrations. You will be delighted to see so many full-color Tahoma paintings, including many that you will not be able to see in museums because they are privately owned. You will be amazed when you read Quincy’s life story and see what obstacles he overcame to become an outstanding artist.

If you already own a copy of the book, we know that you are thinking about giving copies to other people. How do we know? Because time and time again, people who have bought the book have come back to buy another copy for someone they care about.

So press that Buy Now button today to purchase through Paypal or on your credit card. Or e-mail Charnell at charnell@tahoma.info if you prefer to buy by check.

But whatever you do, don’t miss the opportunity to get a personalized inscription, a free calendar and free shipping with every book you order. Remember: This offer goes away on December 31.

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3 Responses to A Gift for You on Quincy’s Birthday

  1. What a great idea. We often buy calendars and then frame the images once we’ve used it. Thanks

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  3. pen4hire says:

    We are hoping people will like the idea.

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