Heard Museum Indian Market 2012

Post by Vera Marie

Heard Museum Book Store

Heard Museum Book Store

We were invited to sign copies of the Quincy Tahoma biography at the Heard Museum in Phoenix in early March. In addition to one of the best Indian arts and crafts stores you will find anywhere, the Heard has the delightful book store, with a coffee shop right beside it!

The Heard Museum Indian Fair and Market always has a mind-boggling array of art. I thought the Navajos there this year were particularly creative in finding new expressions. When you look at the slide show below, watch for the Navajo hat maker and the Navajo scarf creator (TahNibaa Naataanii) who combines silk and felt.

I also like the ledger paintings which are in two photos of Black Pinto Horse and his work.  Quincy Tahoma was influenced by the early Plains Indians who painted on ledger paper, when there was nothing else to use. We saw many ledger painters at the Santa Fe Indian Market, and it is refreshing to see this historic art brought back to life.

I was there signing Quincy Tahoma: The Life and Legacy of a Navajo Artist  beside Susan Lowell, who writes children’s books set in the southwest, and with a Navajo author, Malcolm Benally who wrote Bitter Water, oral histories  about Navajos who live in the Disputed Hopi-Navajo lands. It was a sunny, lovely day on the patio of the Heard Museum, but hard to stay put with all that great art and entertainment going on all around the grounds.

Hope you enjoy these photos.

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