Helping Navajo Elders

Post by Vera Marie

Our friend, Elizabeth Rose of Santa Fe talks from time to time about Adopt a Native Elder. That made me think–if Quincy Tahoma had lived until 2012 instead of passing away in 1956, he would be one of those elders today. Perhaps he would have needed the help of this wonderful organization. What would Quincy look like? Where would he be living? Would he still eke out a living with his painting?

Elizabeth recently shared this video on Facebook, and I’m embedding it here so that you can watch.  I found it very moving. (You’ll have to tolerate a few short commercials as you watch the entire thing.

This video shows volunteers out of Park City Utah, where the program started. After twenty years, the number of volunteers has grown to 2500 people from around the country and around the world.  You can learn more and volunteer to help or donate at the Adopt-A-Native-Elder website.

We have not had a lot of new things to tell you recently, so please excuse the silence. You can follow Quincy Tahoma’s page on Facebook to keep up with any breaking news.

Thanks for sticking with us. Have you recommended Quincy Tahoma: The Life and Legacy of a Navajo Artist to a friend?


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  1. Ken Long says:

    Were you aware some of the Tahoma paintings from the Ernest Watson estate are being sold Saturday at his deceased sister’s sale? See

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