Celebrations for Quincy Tahoma

Birthday cakeHappy Birthday, Quincy!

As we have written before, we do not know for sure when Quincy Tahoma was born, but he claimed December 25th, so that’s okay with us.

If Tahoma had survived his 40th birthday, he would now be 95 years old.  His old friend Harrison Begay passed away in 1912, and that would have been a sad blow. But many of his friends, and people we interviewed for the book, Quincy Tahoma: The Life and Legacy of a Navajo Artist, are still around, so on Quincy’s birthday, we celebrate their lives as well as his.

The last time I posted, I told you about a wonderful program, Adopt a Native Elder, that helps natives who want to continue to live in their own homes in their own traditional ways.  Click down below to see a video about that program.

If you want to give  present to Quincy on his birthday, how about a donation to Adopt a Native Elder? Or, on the other hand, celebrate the new year with  a present to yourself–purchase a copy of Quincy Tahoma: The Life and Legacy of a Navajo Artist. (You can buy it directly from the box on the right).

If you check our review page, you’ll see that the book has received one more wonderfully positive review, from the Journal of American Folk Life.

Best wishes for a happy Tahoma Birthday and for a wonderful 2013,


Vera and Charnell

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