Charnell Havens

Charnell Havens is a retired business executive, an expert in knowledge management, who has developed a second career as a REALTOR®. Long intrigued by Quincy Tahoma’s paintings and curious about his life, she began in 1996 to probe into details of his development as an artist, hoping some day to write his biography. The idea for the book evolved from her curiosity about several paintings that she inherited. Charnell’s skill with photography has made her the official photographer for the biography of Tahoma.



Vera Marie Badertscher

When Vera Marie Badertscher, a friend from the Ohio State University college days, interviewed Havens for an alumna magazine, Havens asked the writer if she would be interested in joining a project to re-discover the life of Quincy Tahoma and share it through a published biography. Badertscher is a freelance writer who specializes in travel and the Southwestern United States and blogs about travel and books. A resident of Arizona since 1963, she was a member of the committee that presented the Scottsdale National Indian Art Exhibition in the 1960s and ’70s, and has a deep interest in American Indian art.

The research partners have been gathering information about Quincy Tahoma and his paintings for many years and now are completing the process of publishing a book about his life, entitled Quincy Tahoma: The Life and Legacy of a Navajo Artist.

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  1. Margaret Altman says:

    Charnell, just checked out your website—absolutely fascinating!!!! Tahoma’s work is wonderful, as is the “journey” you and Vera have taken. I’m so glad I made today’s phone call !!

  2. Corinne Cain says:

    What Quincy T paintings do you know about for sale now?

    Corinne 602 906 1633

  3. pen4hire says:

    Corinne: I just noticed your question was not answered here. We do not keep track of what paintings are for sale, except to check e-bay. Many galleries around the southwest particularly, have his paintings for sale and they come up on most major auction sales. Beyond that, we cannot help you because there are so many. Sorry

  4. Leslie says:

    Keep in touch Vera. I am so happy to have you in my life! Ramos was wonderful
    and we are now writing through snail mail! Thank you for everything!


  5. patricia prater says:


    I have 2 quincy tahoma gauche paintings for sale could you inform me of the best way of going about selling them as i would like them to go to an avid collector.

    kindest regards

  6. pen4hire says:

    Glad you found our site. It looks like you live in the U.K., which might complicate things. Charnell will be in touch directly.

  7. William Mackie says:

    I inherited 5 Quincy Tahoma lithographs and 1 original watercolor (1955) from my father. All are framed and in pristine condition. I would like information on how to sell these pieces. Thank you very much for any help or guidance you can give me. You can contact me by email or phone (303) 956-5395.

  8. Retired Prof says:

    I recently went to a public sale in Shippensburg, PA where Tahoma paintings and prints were sold. They were in the estate of my 5th grade teacher who apparently was the sister on one of the school instructors. In the little town of Shippensburg, there had never been a sale where paintings brought $10,000. We had no idea who Tahoma was until after the sale. We bought a “print” made of three transparencies that would have been given to the printer.

  9. charnell says:

    If memory serve me correctly, there was an auction several years ago in or near Shippensburg where a couple of Tahoma paintings each sold for several thousand dollars. This recent public sale now sheds some light on how the paintings got to a somewhat obscure location on the Quincy Tahoma paintings map! Do you recall anything about the individual paintings that were just sold and their prices or were they purchased as a collection?
    You mentioned the sister of your 5th grade teacher who I’m assuming taught at the Santa Fe Indian School. Do you know her name?
    Your own purchase interests me too. Tell us about the print you bought! Did you buy or see the transparencies themselves and do you know the name of the printer?
    What a special peek you’ve had into the world an artist who died more than 60 years ago! You can learn more about Tahoma’s amazing story and see more than 200 of his paintings in the book “Quincy Tahoma: The Life and Legacy of a Navajo Artist” which you likely can get from Schiffer Publishing or Amazon.
    Enjoy your treasure!
    Charnell Havens

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