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John I. King’s Paintings Show Quincy Tahoma Influence

Post by Charnell Sunday morning was my last trip to Santa Fe’s 2011 Indian Market, and I was ambling past the remaining tents I hadn’t seen before.  Tired and almost on auto pilot, I stopped abruptly — now on full alert — drawn to paintings in … Continue reading

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Ramos Sanchez Retirement Years Return to Art

Post by Charnell Retirement years sometimes signal the end of one’s professional career, but for Ramos Sanchez of the San Ildefonso Pueblo, they mean a full-steam-ahead return to painting.  Artistic talent runs deep in the veins of the Sanchez family with father … Continue reading

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Tahoma Illustrates a Children’s Book

Post by Charnell Dorothy Dunn, the art teacher who founded The Studio at Santa Fe Indian School, had a profound impact on student artist Quincy Tahoma and his contemporaries in the 1930s.  But the movement to allow and encourage Indian children … Continue reading

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More Acknowledgements — This Time from Charnell

Post by Charnell It’s amazing how sometimes things just fall into place like pieces of a giant puzzle. Vera’s  last two posts were dedicated to thanking some special folks who helped her (and sometimes both of us) navigate our long, challenging research journey … Continue reading

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‘Tis a Puzzlement!

Post by Charnell ‘Tis a Puzzlement! Navajo artist Quincy Tahoma loved to paint scenes where a horse or burro was scared by a skunk, causing the poor thing to bolt and race off for the next county — hopefully outrunning … Continue reading

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Tahoma Book Gets a Doggy Review

Post by Charnell Well, I’ll be dawged!  After reading the wonderful five-star reviews on, and the one in,  I didn’t think things could get any better, but I was wrong – doggone wrong! It seems my somewhat flamboyant … Continue reading

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East Coast Version of What’s in an Indian Name

Post by Charnell Far away from Navajoland, deep in the southern part of Virginia, the Cheroenhaka (Nottoway) Indian Tribe is reclaiming its heritage.  A small tribe of dispersed members, it is the only Iroquoian tribe still residing in the Commonwealth … Continue reading

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Horses of the Sun

Post by Charnell Much has been written about the Horses of the Sun in Navajo mythology.  Look up a Navajo legend about horses and you’ll find a version of  this story. Johano-ai, the Navajo Sun God, starts each day from his … Continue reading

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