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Celebrations for Quincy Tahoma

Happy Birthday, Quincy! As we have written before, we do not know for sure when Quincy Tahoma was born, but he claimed December 25th, so that’s okay with us. If Tahoma had survived his 40th birthday, he would now be … Continue reading

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Tahoma Paints Navajo Sing

Post by Vera Marie In our last blog post, Charnell talked about Tahoma’s peaceful scenes of animals and babies. He also painted peaceful scenes of Diné couples  riding across the desert, or large groups of people gathering for a sing. … Continue reading

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Finding Answers: Where Did Tahoma Paint?

Post by Vera Marie When we think of an artist’s studio, the first thing that comes to mind is a high-ceilinged room with light streaming in the window, illuminating an easel. A model or a still life arrangement sits on … Continue reading

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To Market, To Market

Post by Vera We know that Quincy Tahoma created hundreds of paintings. We know that he gave some away, or traded them for food or drinks or a place to sleep. But many, many people bought his paintings during his … Continue reading

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Quincy Tahoma the Lady’s Man

Post by Vera Quincy Tahoma was a hit with the ladies. All through his life they flocked around him. Valentine’s Day might just have been his favorite holiday after Christmas, the date that he adopted for his birthday.

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For Veteran’s Day, Insights into Code Talking

  Very few people today have not heard of Navajo Code Talkers.  It may even be taken for granted that codetalkers are among the veterans who ring the Stock Market opening bell on this Veteran’s Day, 2010.

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Introducing Amerind

From time to time, we would like to introduce a museum that is important for lovers of American Indian art. In the unlikely location of Dragoon, Arizona–hidden away south of the I-10 Freeway that zips between Tucson and the New … Continue reading

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The Long Road to Publication of Tahoma’s Life

In the last post, I explained that I (Vera) joined Charnell in the Tahoma project in the year 2000.  We had many mysteries to unravel about the Navajo artist before we were even sure that it would be possible to … Continue reading

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